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The town wall

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Le Quesnoy derives its name which means covered with oaks. The etymology reveals its first origin, the Mormal forest located 4 kilometres from the walls. The crest of the city reminds us of the omnipresence of these trees and walls.
The ramparts surrounding the city are still very extensive. They have been restored many times and never fail to impress the many visitors who (liked you) should visited this beautiful city. Sure it's in the place that we appreciates them better, but if you are away, I'm going to show you some of them.

Here are 4 aerial views of the city


(they are small it is normal, they are made up ...

but if you click it, you'll have large).

The walls made by the Baldwin Edifieur in 1150 were modified by Vauban in 1698, who improved the city's defense.
The Green bastion (center of photo) is close to the Fauroeulx door and the Vauban lake. At its foot we find a fish farm.
If you stand on this bastion, in the distance you see the Red Bridge pond, a wall on the left and an horse watering place in the foreground (right).

Another view of the red bridge pond (Etang du pont rouge).
The right wall is called the suburb of Fauroeulx.

It is on his foot, that you can see the height of the Bastion vert. On the left there is a fish farm which have been renovated lacks only the fish. Previously here there was the pond of Gard.


If you move in front of the previous picture, you'll enjoy these green spaces.
And if you turn your head to see what's around, here is what you can see. (Here you will see a lot better!)
You can find the door Fauroeulx on stamps, signs or pictures, it's really this view which often represents the town of Le Quesnoy.

If you arrive Bousies of Jolimetz or from the Mormal forest, you will take this door. If you arrive at night you will see the Red light.

At the bottom there are the belfry and the town hall.

There are many underground and rooms in the walls.

Some are accessible and others more dangerous are now closed.

In the direction of Ruesnes you find the Soyez Bastion (picture). You can walk around the pond. Take care, It slips a bit, be careful, but it's a really nice place.


If you come July 14,
the walls resound with the fury of the fighting of the past century.

In August 1794, the Austrian armies occupy the city.

250 enthusiasts from all over Europe will gather outside the city walls to make us relive those bloody fighting.

Realism of battles, punctuated by cannon shots, offers visitors a spectacular show.

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