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The town walls

A little water Some repair
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As everywhere, the time has damaged walls.

Since several years people repair the city walls.

These few photos will show the result of repairs carried out by
Lovers of things well done.

Here you are at the foot of the door of Valenciennes.

In 2006 the bridge was rebuilt.

Here is Landrecies door, on left you go to Louvignies-quesnoy, and further Englefontaine and Landrecies. To the right, you go to station and behind it's the Verdun's street and then the villages of Potelle and Jolimetz.
Here you are just on the right of the door, everything is now somewhat overgrown with aquatic weeds, but the walls are always clean.
This is a "lady", this construction would slow the progression of the enemy.
Rounded by a brick, discovered and preserved, shows a building that existed before the rise of the rampart.

The dark part shows the former ground level.

We must kneel down to go under the door before the work were done.

Four time the same walls
A lock near the Red Bridge Pond.

The Town Hall has also been cleaned.

The exterior was cleaned and the interior was reorganized.

Le Bastion Impérial, when you go to the railway station
same place
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