The Belfry


The Belfry and the Town Hall were built in 1583.

The Belfry is a large square tower, swollen at the top, dominating the rest of the houses.

In the central part there was a room reserved for guards. At the top, the bells was rung for sunrise, the opening and closing of work, and curfew.

On the top floor of the Belfry there was the lodge of the watchman. He was responsible for reporting the approach of an enemy, or fire.

Until 1940, the belfry was as follows.

During the Second World War, the town suffered several attacks. On May 19, 1940 the belfry was hit by an incendiary.

The roof who contains the clock and the chimes fell in flames, communicating fire to the town hall.

The belfry was restored after the Second World War.
Today the carillon with 48 bells plays different tunes throughout the day.

The City Hall is near the belfry.