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The city walls

A little water Somes repairs
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L' Étang du Pont Rouge (lake of Red bridge)

The bridge leading to the door Fauroeulx, goes over the Vauban Lake.


Click here to see another view of this pond, I put a link to the site where I took this picture on the Links page.
If you are on this bridge, around you, you see all of this.


On the direction of Ruesnes, you find the Horseshoe Pond. These different ponds are interconnected by a system of valves still in running order. It is through this system that can restore the walls after emptying the ponds.
This small wall bisects the pond. You can see an opening that helps regulate the water level. Click on the picture, you'll see a little better.
You can fish here if you have the fishing licence.
This is a very quiet
You just need to be careful not to put the son in the branches.
The right bank allows visitors to walk around without disturbing the fishermen.
A watersports center offers youth the opportunity to play.
If you're hungry, here are the restaurants in town.

You can also make a mini-golf, ..., you choose.


The easiest way for you is to come and see that
Le Quesnoy is really a beautiful town.