Google has photographied the world with these amazing machines.
Here are some pictures taken during works

I made this layout for those who, like me, have a rather slow internet connection ...

French version / Version française
Voiture street view   Tricycle street view (Tricycle photographieur de rues ...)
Le Quesnoy seen 1.4 km
Here are 4 views of Horseshoe Pond, as if you turn
head from left to right. On the left this is the road that leads to Ruesnes.

La Porte St Martin,
collapsed a few years ago.

  Right, Boulevard Jeanne d'Arc provides access
to New Zealanders Forces Memorial
  Vauban boulevard
From the Porte St Martin, you take the New Zealand street to go to
General Leclerc's place
George V street ...
If you follow this street until the end, you turn right and you
arrive at the New Zealanders Forces Memorial.
    This is a one way street !
    Then you arrive at the Place du General Leclerc.
Again a view from left to right in front of the hotel taxes.
    In the background the Belfry, and on left the Casimir Fournier street
    At right is the Post Office.
At the center door of New Zealanders and left behind the post office,
we see a little of the chateau of Marguerite de Bourgogne.

If you enter the city through the door Fauroeulx you arrive in Brancion street,
(now the works are finished).
This street provides access to the town hall, it is now
one way to enter the town.
For those traveling by train, the station here. Right in front they can find a hotel (the white building), also known as The Terminus "Chez Ahmed". I never slept, but I've eaten there several times and it was always very good.
I finish with the Averill school