Welcome to Le Quesnoy

You will find in this website a bit of this beautiful town in northern France, fortified by Vauban.

I translated the pages to help people who want to get informations about this beautiful town. You are welcome in my website. If you don't find enough information, you can ask me what you are looking for. Enjoy your visit.

For more information you can contact the tourist office of the city, their phone number is in the webpage useful numbers.

Quesnoy is twinned with Cambridge, a city in New Zealand, a country whose troops liberated the town during the 1914-1918 war.

Here is a link to the association Cambridge / Le Quesnoy

To learn how to come to Quesnoy (59530), use the button below and choose the most pleasant road.

French version / Version française

Fabrice Martinuzzi

If you are looking for the official web site of the town, here is a link http://www.lequesnoyvilleforte.fr/ .
Otherwise you are welcome in my web site.






One site of local weather forecasts
A website to choose
your road to come here
http://www.meteofrance.com/previsions-meteo-france/#nord-pas-de-calais/regi31 http://www.viamichelin.fr/


Weather in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The History for children













Here are 2 web site where you can see
the details of all of the shocks in New Zealand

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Her name is Jenny Cooper, she is New Zealand, she does illustrations for children's books, and she recently illustrated a book about the liberation of Le Quesnoy, in 1918, by New Zealand troops.

I mention this because she liked my little website.

Thank you, Jenny.